Rental Truck Tips


Driving a moving truck is a challenge. Though navigating traffic and not getting lost might be your first priorities, you’ll need to make sure your truck is in good working order before you head out. By checking your moving truck before you hit the road each day, you can minimize the risk of encountering serious mechanical problems.

Keep the following moving tips in mind.

A long-distance move requires a vehicle in top mechanical shape. Follow the rental company’s recommendations. When you book your moving truck, talk with someone in the rental company to discuss all the details and to verify that they have what you need. Finding out your truck is a lemon once you hit that first mountain is not the way to go.

Check the laws for trucks in the various states you will be traveling through. In many states there may be restrictions on which lanes you can drive in or there may be inspection stations where you must pull through. Getting pulled over will definitely slow your move down!

Have the dealer show you how to operate the truck and all of it’s systems.

Make sure the manual is in the truck and keep a copy of your rental record with you at all times.

Know how to contact roadside assistance. Whether it is AAA or another company, having a lifeline for mechanical assistance is a must. These rental trucks see constant use and abuse, so you never know when it may go down. Roadside repairs are not feasible for most drivers.