Cable Company Moving Toward Data Caps

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Get ready for your home Internet connection to feel like your smartphone — bound by data caps, a large overage fee waiting to happen. Comcast gave some users the bad news Thursday. Consumers who exceed 300 GB in a month will have to pay for overages at $10 per 50 GB tier. Not surprisingly, they have the option to pay … Read More

Hulu To Spend On Content

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Hulu plans to spend around $2.5 billion on content this year, Variety reports. The news comes from a moderated discussion with Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins in New York City this morning. While $2.5 billion might sound like a lot of money, it’s still significantly less than Hulu’s streaming competitors like Amazon and Netflix are spending. Netflix said in its earnings … Read More

Under the Dome Moving?


WILMINGTON, N.C. — Everything must go, including some kitchen sinks. The CBS television show “Under the Dome” will be moving out of North Carolina if it’s renewed for a fourth season. Multiple media outlets reported that items from the program went on sale Thursday at the Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington. The sale was to continue Friday and Saturday with … Read More

Rental Truck Tips


Driving a moving truck is a challenge. Though navigating traffic and not getting lost might be your first priorities, you’ll need to make sure your truck is in good working order before you head out. By checking your moving truck before you hit the road each day, you can minimize the risk of encountering serious mechanical problems. Keep the following … Read More

Sling Gains Traction, But Dish Down

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Dish Network’s big gamble on offering live TV in an online-only service began showing signs of paying off during the Douglas County company’s recent quarter. Pay-TV subscribers grew about 88,000 in the second quarter, ended June 30, compared to the first quarter of this year. But growth of its Sling TV service wasn’t enough to offset the year-to-year decline in … Read More

Cable Company Drops Bid For Time Warner

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It’s over Comcast formally withdrew from its pending $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable on Friday morning — after the companies failed to convince regulators the deal would be good for consumers. “Today, we move on,” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said in a statement. “Of course, we would have liked to bring our great products to new cities, but … Read More

Video Streaming Trends of 2015


Hardly anyone these days visits the DVD store to rent movies, as most prefer to watch it on their handheld devices such as iPads and tablets. This is not only true for movies, but TV shows have also found a new home online. When they go off the air or the network cancels them, a video streaming site picks them … Read More

A Guide to Selecting the Correct TV Bundle


On the purchase of two or more services from a company, you will most often qualify for a discount. This type of promotion goes by the name of bundling, and they cover broadband, digital TV, and home phone services. Selecting a TV bundle deal will allow you to save money, since you will have more than one choice available. Use … Read More

Cable TV or Satellite TV: Which One to Choose?


If you had to choose between cable TV and satellite TV, which one would you choose? Unless you are biased and already have a favorite, you would not know which one to favor more. Both are good options, indeed, but they are starkly different from each other in some areas. In order to pick the best one or both, if … Read More